Mendocino County’s 99 Marihuana Program … Up In Smoke!


Mendocino County administrators chosen 4-1 to get rid of the county’s medicinal marihuana permit program Tuesday after a lot more than an hour or so of public comment.
Third District Supervisor John Pinches dissented, saying the county should repeal its medicinal marihuana seed ordinance, County Code 9.31, completely and calling marijuana law “confusing.”
Reacting to some threat of law suit from Melinda Haag from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Mendocino County Counsel Jeanine Nadel suggested the Board of Administrators remove in the ordinance all language mentioning to some program that enables marihuana / canabis collectives to develop as much as 99 plants per parcel having a permit.
“These were threatening to file for an injunction against our marihuana seed strain ordinance and then try to throw it in the court, as well as threatening to individually pursue county authorities who have been supporting these laws and regulations, that they thought to stay in breach of federal law,” fifth District Supervisor Serta Hamburg stated following the election.
Hamburg and first District Supervisor Carre Brown supported Nadel’s recommendation, worried that the us government would withhold money that involves Mendocino County because of its social service along with other programs.
Second District Supervisor John McCowen contended that getting rid of the enabling the marijuana grower program would boost underground community prices for canabis making it more easily available to children.
The enabling canabis seed program enables marihuana collectives an exemption towards the county’s 25-plant-per-parcel plant limit when they obtain a permit and follow some basic rules. 

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