Big Bud Canabis Seeds


Big Bud Canabis Seeds (Outdoor)

THC % – High / Higher

Flower Yield – Highest 

Flower Size – Medium – High


Big Bud Canabis seed products first began showing up within the late 80’s and also have remained around as this strain really lives as much as its title. Big Bud is really a producer, simple as that. Having a relatively short flowing time (less than 50 days) and low area of branches, this canabis strain can produce as much as 550 grams per plant in optimum conditions. A canabis indica / sativa mix leaning more to indica habits. Our prime is mellow having a sweet spicy taste that provide a far more indica style body stone. Hydroponic Big Bug Canabis may be the answer and can give the greatest results however it will grow happily in almost any medium within an indoor controlled atmosphere. Big Bud canabis flowers will need an acceptable quantity of attention much more the vegative stage to prevent it becoming too tall and lanky.
Big Bud canabis seed products are a good strain for individuals who wish to get maximum yield without losing taste and strength. The flavors is nice sweet and also the high holds true to the indica raising a child. It leads to a simple relaxing high that lasts well. An excellent strain for home farmers.
Even Joan Likes Big Bud Canabis

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